Belfast North - Health & Safety

The health service needs to be properly funded
Problems regarding Emergency Departments and Waiting Lists in Hospitals need to be addressed
The NHS should NOT be privatised
There should be greater availability of resources to tackle the issue of human trafficking
Support services for refugees and migrants should be improved
NHS workers should receive a 15% pay rise
First Aid and Medical & Digital Literacy Training should be mandatory in the education sector
There should be a National Care Service: Care services should be under public control just like the NHS
All social media giants should have to take realistic steps to tackle all forms of online abuse
The smacking of children should be banned
Defibilrillators should be compulsory in all public buildings including education and sports venues
A Conspiracy Theories Action Plan should be developed to address the rise of conspiracy theories in society & to limit their negative influence on public life
  • The NHS must remain publicly funded and free at the point of delivery. It should not be privatised, fragmented or underresourced. A Conspiracy Theory Action Plan may be harder to implement than suggested. I understand the sentiment but 'fake news' is neither new or the sole preserve of one group of people in society