Mid Ulster - Workers' Rights & Business

Pay rises should be automatic, in line with inflation for all front line public sevice workers
The rights of unions should be increased
The Assembly should pass the Trade Union & Labour Relations Bill, as proposed by Gerry Carroll
Stricter transfer pricing regulations need to be put in place with the added clause that no existing large company may offshore their HQs within 10 years of the start of legislation
Legislation should be put in place to protect workers tips from their employers
"Working from Home" flexibility should be granted where applicable
There should be a move to a 4 day working week where possible
Fire & Rehire should be outlawed
Minimum wage should be £15 per hour
Zero hour contracts should be banned
Corporation tax should not be reduced and should be increased to 26% for larger companies
  • We support the introduction of a properly calculated living wage, as outlined by the Living Wage Foundation, but are open to working towards a higher minimum wage. The Green Party NI has always opposed cutting corporation tax. The UK rate is already set to rise to 25% next year, and we are open to the idea of it being raised further.